Hemp Extension Personnel at UK CAFE

Dr. Bob Pearce, Hemp Production

Tom Keene, Hemp Production

Dr. Nicole Gauthier, Plant Pathology

Dr. Raul Villanueva, Entomology

Dr. Tyler Mark, Agricultural Economics

Dr. Tim Stombaugh, Biosystems Engineering

About Us

Bob Pearce, professor of agronomy, and Tom Keene, agronomy specialist, both with the UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, are participants in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Program.  Their work is focused on investigating the agronomic parameters affecting field-scale production of industrial hemp.  The resulting research and extension efforts are aimed at optimizing yields and profitability from grain, fiber, and cannabinoid production models for U.S. producers.

Click here for An Introduction to Hemp and Hemp Agronomy

The UK Division of Regulatory Services is leading a proficiency testing effort among laboratories assaying for cannabinoids derived from hemp.  Please see this link for program information and results:



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