Standard Trials for Industrial Hemp Varieties in Kentucky‐2018

Unbiased, science‐based data on varietal performance in Kentucky is imperative for farmers to make  informed decisions leading to optimized yields from hemp crops. Our research program will conduct two standard variety trials providing data to support information‐driven decisions by owners of germplasm and producers; a dual‐purpose trial and a fiber‐only trial. Trials will commence in May 2018 and will conclude at various times in autumn. All trials will be conducted concurrently at three locations:

  •  UK Agricultural Experiment Stations at Versailles in Woodford County (C. Oran Little Research Farm)
  • Princeton in Caldwell County, (UK Research and Education Center Farm)
  • UK Agricultural Sub‐Station at Quicksand, Breathitt County, KY (RCARS Farm).

Each variety will be planted on three separate dates: 1 May, 1 June, and 1 July (+/‐ 5d at each location).

Complete details and appropriate forms are available at this link:  Standard Trials for Industrial Hemp Varieties in Kentucky‐2018.

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The UK Department of Plant and Soil Sciences (PSS) is a participant in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program.  Agronomists David Williams and Tom Keene (PSS) are leading the research efforts investigating agronomic parameters affecting field-scale production of industrial hemp.  Experiments are aimed at optimizing yields of grain, fiber, and cannabinoids of interest (e.g., cannabidiol; CBD). 

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EVERYONE growing hemp in Kentucky must do so under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's pilot program.  For more information on how to get started, follow this link:Ky Proud Hemp Logo